Here are some questions to ask a nanny during the interview process:

1. Verify any and all information provided on an application or in their resume. (or do a background check)

“I see here that you worked for the Nelson’s for the last five years. How did that go?”

2. Ask them about past situations.

When you were working for the Nelson’s, what was the worst situation that happened to you while watching their children?” “Why are you leaving the Nelsons?”

3. Ask them questions in the “what if” format.

“What would you do if our son called you a name?” “What would you do if there was a fire in the home?” “How do you handle injuries?”

4. Ask them questions about what you are potentially offering.

“We are looking for someone that can provide extra reading help to our son. How can you help us with that?” “We are looking for someone to work part time during the evenings after our son is home from school. Are you flexible during those hours?”