Nanny Salary

I think that $10 an hour has become the normal starting salary for one child with no housework. I really do think that nannies should starting asking for better salaries. I think there needs to be a a set starting salary like 25,000/year and up.

Whatever you do in your nanny career always give yourself a raise. If you change families, let the prospect employer know exactly your salary previously and state that you WILL NOT go anything under that.

Yes, it seems harsh but unless they are offering something different than your last job and it out weighs the lower salary you will have to think about what you need personally.

But some people think its better to go to a Nanny Agency to see what the going rate is in that particular area in the world. You have a higher quality of families when you go to an agency.

Make sure you don’t pay the agency anything.

Not only do you not have to, it’s a law! Make a resume with all your past qualification (child care and not). I made a section in my references for childcare references. Maybe someone you’ve babysat for or a mother of one of your daughters friends. You can also ask the family for references if you’d like! Also local book stores have tons of books about being a nanny! Barnes and Nobles has one called The Nanny Kit its orange and about 60 pages! It was my favorite and gives you lots of things to think about including health care and taxes! Also you may be a good housekeeper, but you should get paid extra for housework.

Most nannies are only responsible for childens laundry, playroom, meals and cleanup extra.

Just look in your contract FIRST