I received a question recently asking about salary as a nanny. Although the amount which I assume the person was offered was doubtful however it was not specified. Below is the question:

I am unsure about pay for a nannying position i’m going for ..how do you know what the right amount is?  Would you add on extra for cleaning duties and looking after younger babies??

As a nanny most duties including looking after children and depending on the age it will require a lot more work which should increase your salary. However, if there are extra cleaning duties than its another deal. My first year I was with a great family and I was the nanny for two children and there was a cleaner who would come in twice a week. So I was only to clean up after the kids and look after them. At times cleaning their clothes but nothing outside of what was related to the children.

Newborn babies are always high maintenance so this should effect your salary and you should make sure t