Interviewing A Potential Nanny

nanny interview

No matter how you find your nanny, you’ll have to interview them. Interviewing a nanny is one of the most important jobs that you have. Simply, this is the best way to get your first opinion of the person in front of you. At this point you should have already done the hard work of finding people that fit your needs and qualifications. You should have been able to establish the needs that you have and the qualifications of the person that you are looking for.

Before you get started interviewing though, you’ll want to take in yet another consideration. The personality of the nanny that you plan to hire is one of the most essential things that you’ll need to consider and one of the hardest to gauge. During the interview process, you’ll be able to talk to the potential nanny and ask them questions.

Remember, they are applying for a job and therefore are very interested in pleasing you at this point. Unfortunately, you’ll find a few bad seeds out there but more often this is rare. What is the personality of the individual you are looking for? This is probably pretty hard to tell, until the interview. You’ll answer that question with things like someone that is honest, reliable and responsible.

Yet, these things are near impossible to tell just from talking with someone. Instead, you’ll need to do your homework on that person as we’ve discussed. If you decide not to work with an agency to find the right nanny, then do all of what they do to insure the person that you are interviewing is the person that is right for your job.