What types of things should you look out for when you are about to accept any nanny jobs?

Well one important thing that I always look at is the contract in detail. Why? If you are knew to nanning then you could be in for a rude awaking because most contracts do not fully benefit the nanny. Most contracts try to sweeze in extra work and not detailed work descriptions living it very open to what your real duties and work responsibility is.

I was hit once with a contract that said well this is just here in case. From what I was told previously it seemed like this particular situation rarely happened if ever and what do you know. It happened more frequently than I anticipated so I worked more and got paid less. Avoid all contracts that don’t say in detailed what work is considered extra. You should ask for extra money for work during overnight periods. Each hour should result in overtime salary which in most cases is higher than your normal salary.

Next, I see what type of children I will be taking care of and full attention to the relationship with their parents. If the children seem like they have no hope and you know your capacity with children don’t accept it. Or you will be left with a very stressful job. I do think all children are innocent and just need to be loved but if they have been bad situations earlier it may not be any hope at all.

These are all of my cautions for now. I will update this page soon.

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