Well Grandmas… There is always a soft spot for their grand children and of course spoiling them. Its natural, but could it get in the way of your work? I had a question from a Nanny:

Ive been working as a nanny for the past three months for three wonderful kids. My employer has been great and they treat me great.My problem is that the kid’s grandmother likes to come to the house and “play” with the kids all day which is very frusterating for me because i feel like there is no point in me being there then. Ive talked to my employer about it and she talked to the grandmother so now she comes around less often. the other day one of the kids asked me why grandma doesnt come as much. i polietly responded with “Im not sure, maybe she’s busy.” to which the child says “grandma says its because you dont like her.” i tried to just change the subject. anyway i dont know what to do. i feel like the grandma is trying to turn the kids against me. i feel like quiting but everything else is going great. what should i do? Ive already told my employer and she just laughed it off. thanks

Although it is a sensitive subject with the Grandmother it can be resolved fairly easily. If you have been treated well during your first three months and your employers have actually made changes so that the big “G” would not interfere with your job, that is a good sign. It shows that you can communicate with the family and that is the most important. I think your first decision in asking the parents to the Grandmother to give you more time with the kids is fine. However, you could make it work for you also. Being a nanny can be wearisome and tiresome, so honestly any free time is good time, especially if you’re being paid the same. I think the best solution is to let the Grandmother be with the grand kids during a set time. That way you both won’t “bump heads” because its understandable that she wants to take care and be around her grand children. Since you’ve already spoken to the parents, kindly sit down with them all and make some type of an agreement.

Obviously the kids love being around her, so you don’t want there to be battle between you and Granny, who has been there with them all of kids lives!

Good luck!