First Job Questions To The Nanny

If you are about to start a new job with a family the best and first resources that you should resort to for inside truth about the family is the previous nanny that worked there.

Here are some KEY questions to have in mind. First, ask your prospect employer if you could speak with the former nanny. View some questions below:
1. Why did you leave the job?
2. What were the best things you liked about working for this family?
3. What were the worst?
4. Did they pay you for overtime?
5. What are the kids favorite things to do?
6. What don’t the kids like to do?
7. How did the kids treat you?
8. How did the kids treat you in front of the parents?
9. Do the parents argue?
10.What type of disipline did you use (time outs etc)?
11. Did you get paid for vacations?

Other appropriate questions depending on your living arrangement is important also.

Personally, I was in an odd situation where I lived in the “basement apartment” and before I was hired I was told it would be free for my use. With exceptions because the laundry was inside this efficiency apartment. However, what I did NOT realize was the amount of noise that would come every morning and the parents did not seem to realize that someone, ie, person, lived below them.

Needless to say I was a bit angry about this situation as it seemed they have no real concept of space and respect. Anyway, that is my story so make sure you ask good questions depending on your situation!