There are so many doubts and questions surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Well its worldwide and our everyday life is being affected in every way in which we could never have imagined. As a nanny, we as caretakers have a responsibility and a contract. However during extreme times and measures as of today with the coronavirus we have to decide what is important to us.

If you have family and children of your own you have to make a choice and it will not be easy. You also have a responsibility if you are providing your services to family. Countries and governments around the world are providing provisional funding and resources and restrictions during the next two weeks as of March 16th 2020. If you are living outside of your home country and have children of your own you might need to make a decision ASAP.

President Donald Trump has already restricted flights incoming from Europe, UK, Asia and Ireland. Soon there will be a domestic flight ban as well, thus it its important to make decisions to go back home or to withstand the storm. As soon as the virus has reduced you should have the right to return to your duty as a nanny if the law states that you have this right.

If you do decide to stay and continue to work for the family that you are with, be sure to follow the protocols and safety measures to keep yourself and the children that you are responsible for, safe. Please stay up to date by following the WHO website: