Au Pair

What are au pairs entitled to?
Au pairs are entitled to a private bedroom, meals, a weekly wage that will increase if the minimum wage increases, one and one-half days off each week, a full weekend off each month, two weeks of paid vacation, and the first $500 ($1000 for EduCare participants) toward the costs of required academic course work.

What are host families entitled to?
Host families are entitled to a maximum of 10 hours a day/45 hours a week (10 hours a day/30 hours a week for EduCare participants) of child care, and they have the benefit of someone from another culture living in their home.

What responsibilities do both parties have?
Either a parent or responsible adult must be present in the home for the first three days that the au pair is with the host family, which may include a weekend. The host family and au pair must attend at least one of their sponsoring organization’s family day events during the au pair’s stay.

There must be a signed written agreement between the host family and the au pair outlining the obligations of both parties. In addition, the sponsoring organizations generally require the host family and the au pair to sign written agreements that outline the obligations of each party to the organization.

How long may an au pair stay with a family, and may the arrangement be extended?
Au pairs may stay with their host families in the U.S. for one year. After that time they are required to return to their home country. The au pair arrangement cannot be extended.